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Splurge Foam Can

Weekly Hire Price: £3.60incl VAT

Supplier Item Number: Splurge Cans

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400 ml Splurge Can for Bugsy Splurge Gun £3.00 excl. VAT Splurge is an essential addition to every Bugsy Malone production – no performance is the same with out it. NEW FORMULA exclusive to us – our Splurge is now suitable to be used for Custard Pies too. So two products in one! Please see description for more details. Splurge cans contain a non toxic white foam. Generally shows get through one 400 ml can of splurge, per splurge gun, per show. Please see description for more details. Remember, if ordering large quantities of splurge cans, it may be worthwhile choosing splurge can deal instead. Look at our website to find the various option available and to place an order

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Bugsy Prop Hire

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Suppliers terms and conditions:

Bugsy Prop Hire – Terms and Conditions Definition of terms Hiree – Person(s) temporarily renting props or equipment from the Hirer, Plunge Products Ltd, for an agreed fee. Hirer – Bugsy Prop Hire – owner of all hired equipment Hired Items – items temporarily hired out by the Hirer to the Hiree for an agreed fee and length of time Purchased Items – items purchased from the Hirer for an agreed price Hire Period – agreed time period for which the hire is applicable 1. General hire terms All items supplied on hire remain the property of the Hirer, Bugsy Prop Hire. The Hiree assumes all responsibility and liability for the Hired Items from the point of delivery or collection until the Hired Items are returned to the Hirer. The Hiree will ensure that all Hired Items are covered by the Hiree‘s insurance policy while in their care. The Hirer can not be held responsible for any personal injury, damage or loss however caused by Hired Items or Purchased Items from the Hirer. The Hiree undertakes to keep the Hired Items in good condition and return them thus. All packaging provided with the Hired Items should be stored by the Hiree during the Hire Period and should be returned with the Hired Items. Hire charges are payable even if Hired Items are returned as unused. Unless agreed by the Hirer in advance, all the Hired Items are for indoor use only. Any damages caused by use of the Hired Items outdoors will be the responsibility of the Hiree and any damage caused to the Hire Items as a result of use outdoors will be charged for. If any of the Hired Items are lost or damaged, the Hiree must immediately notify the Hirer. The Hiree agrees to pay for all the Hired Items lost, destroyed, stolen, damaged or not returned to the Hirer. In the event of the aforementioned, the Hiree also agrees to pay hire charges until such items are returned or paid for at current replacement cost. If a Hired Item is faulty, the Hirer will attempt to repair or replace it as quickly as possible. The Hirer accepts no claims arising from such problems. Where the Hired Items have been dispatched in the polypropylene packing boxes, the box may be secured with a padlock(s). The code for the padlock is emailed as part of the confirmation email. Any lost padlocks will be charged at £8.00 + VAT per padlock. Any lost polypropylene packing boxes will be charged at £100 + VAT per box. 2. Condition of Goods All the Hired Items are ‘used’ & therefore reasonable signs of wear & tear will show as they are continual hire items. Nothing is to be fixed or adhered to the Hired Items without prior confirmation and agreement by the Hirer. Irreparable damaged or loss of Hired Items will be charged to the Hiree at the full cost of a complete rebuild of the Hired Item or purchase of a brand new Hired Item . Any damage caused by inappropriate use will be charged at cost. A £20.00 cleaning charge will be levied if Hired Items are returned in excessively poor or dirty condition. 3. Purchased Items It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that all Purchased Items are used as directed by the manufacturer and/or the Hirer. The Hirer accepts no liability for any damage or personal injury caused by Purchased Items. Only full, unopened boxes of 12 cans of splurge will be refunded. There is a restocking charge of 50p per can returned. 4. Payment Unless otherwise agreed, all payments must be made in advance. All payments for Hired Items must clear at least 5 working days before the Hire Period starts. The Hiree is responsible for checking the hire booking information. The Hirer will not be held responsible for clerical errors on quotes or invoices. A refundable security deposit of £100.00 must be paid with every hire. The security deposit is refundable upon return of the Hired Items in clean and good working condition. The security deposit will be refunded within 5 working days of the return of the Hired Items. A portion of or the entire deposit fee will however be deducted if the props are damaged beyond acceptable wear and tear as stipulated in section 2. Condition of Goods. Where the entire Hired Items or components of the Hired Items are not returned, the full cost of the missing Hired Items or components thereof must be paid for. This cost is made up of the security deposit combined with the additional remaining cost required to cover the replacement of the missing items. 5. Delivery PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE UK. 5.1 3rd Party Next Day Parcel / Courier Service Couriered items arrive anytime between 09:00 and 17:30, Monday to Friday, unless otherwise agreed. Hired Items must be re-packaged exactly as delivered. If a collection has been agreed between The Hiree and the Hirer, items must be available to collect on the arranged day between 9:00 and 17:30. Any failed collections will be charged for. Deliveries and collections are made by a third party national courier delivery service. This type of service is occasionally subject to delays and non-deliveries. We advise clients to book the hire period to start a day before hired goods are required in case of any delays. 5.2 Pallet Service Pallet deliveries will arrive on a truck with a tail lift. The pallet delivery company will unload any pallets from the truck but will not move it around within the site. When hiring the Bugsy pedal car, it will be delivered in a large wooden crate on a pallet. The hirer accepts all responsibility for unloading and re-loading the wooden crate. The Hiree is responsible for storing the wooden crate and/or pallet for the duration of the Hire Period and must ensure there is room to store the wooden crate and pallet safely and securely. The size of the wooden Bugsy pedal car crate is 1600 mm (l) x 1270 mm (w) x 2400 mm (h) with the Bugsy can in it. When the crate is empty and disassembled it can be flat-packed to 1220 mm (l) x 2440 mm (w) x 1000 mm (h). Once empty, the wooden crate can be stored outside. The crate can not be stored outside with the Bugsy pedal car in it. A forklift or pallet truck is required by the Hiree to manoeuvre the wooden crate to and from the delivery truck. If none are available, the Hiree will need 3 to 4 strong people to assist will offloading and manoeuvring it. If the pallet is unable to be offloaded, this will be a failed delivery and the Hiree will be charged for this delivery, as well and any further attempts to delivery the pallet. Deliveries and collections will take place anytime between 09:00 and 17:00 on the specified delivery and collection dates. The hirer can specify a timed delivery for a pallet, which will cost an additional £15.00 + VAT. Deliveries are made by artic lorry to the loading bay by one man only. The Hiree must ensure site access to the drop off point. There must be a site contact available at all times during the delivery and collection days to sign for both the delivery and collection. The Hiree must provide the Hirer with the name and contact telephone number, ideally mobile, for this contact. If the driver cannot gain access to the drop off or collection point or fails to locate the site contact, or fails to obtain a signature then the driver will not deliver/collect the pallet / wooden crate. All failed deliveries and collections will be charged for. Deliveries and collections are made by a 3rd party National pallet delivery service. This type of service is occasionally subject to delays and non-deliveries. We advises hirers to book the pallet delivery to arrive a day before the hired goods are required in case of any delays. 6. Return Delivery of Goods Unless otherwise agreed, The Hiree will be responsible for the return delivery of Hired Items. Proof of delivery with a signature must be obtained on return of the Hired Items. All damages as a result of insufficient re-packing of pallet box or any missing hire items will be charged for. The Hired Items must be returned to the Hirer at Unit 3, Bestwood Works, Drove Road, Portslade, East Sussex BN41 2PA. Extended hire charges will be applied to Hired Items not returned within 3 working days of the end of the agreed Hire Period. During busy periods, it may be agreed that collection will be arranged by the Hirer. This will be specified in the hire invoice. If this is the case, any failed collections will be charged for along with an administration fee. This is in addition to the charge for the subsequent re-scheduled collections. For agreed arranged collections, goods must be packed and ready for collection between 09:00 and 17:30 on the specified date. 7. Cancellation The Hiree may cancel a booking but will forfeit any hire fees paid as follows: (a) Hire bookings cancelled 2 weeks or more prior to the hire start date, the Hirer will refund in full any hire fees paid (c) Hire bookings cancelled between less than 2 weeks but more than 24 hours will forfeit 50% of the total hire fee, plus a £20 administration fee. (d) Hire bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the hire start date will be charged the full agreed fee. 8. Limited Stocked Some of the Hired Items are limited stock only, therefore, on some occasions it may not be possible for the Hirer to fulfil orders when multiple hire orders are placed. Limited stock Hired Items are hired on a first come, first served basis. If the Hiree has placed an order for a Hire Item which has sold out, the Hirer will contact the Hiree within 2 working days to let the Hiree know and Hirer will refund the hire value paid for the Hire Item.