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Muppet Wall

Weekly Hire Price: £100

Supplier Item Number: MW1

Item Image
Item Image

Large Muppet Wall as used by Sesame St. puppets Gonga and Cookie Monster..

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Muppet, puppet, sesame st, wall, muppet wall,

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Supplied by:

The Film and TV Comapny Ltd.

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Suppliers terms and conditions:

F&TV Hire Conditions All prices given are for a period of 1 (one) week of 7 (seven) days, including set up and get out. We gladly deliver free within a 20 mile radius from Milton Keynes, for orders outside this area a £0.45p per mile charge is applied. A 20% deposit of the total hire cost will need to be paid before the hire date, a quote will provided with full details of the hire. A security deposit will need to be paid before the hire date for any damage or loss, this is dependant of the total hire cost and will be shown in any quotes given. Please note that the person hiring is responsible for the safety and security of items hired, and that damage or loss of items will result in the deposit being retained. The hirer will ensure that all hired Items are covered by an insurance policy while in their care. The Hirer can not be held responsible for any personal injury, damage or loss however caused by Hired Items or Purchased Items from the Hirer. Longer hire periods are invited and we will be very happy to talk to you about what you require. There maybe discounts for longer hire periods, please contact us for more information.