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PA sytem

Weekly Hire Price: £300

Supplier Item Number: PABASIC

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This is my basic PA package- but don't be fooled by that- there's a lot going on in terms of quality and a whole lot of punch from this heavyweight speaker system. This can easily handle a party, event, meeting, presentation etc to a large gathered crowd from 2 to 200. This pair of 1000W speakers boast impressive volume and sound silky smooth to boot. It's only called basic because you get all the quality bits, just none of the wireless. This package is definitely for the discerning borrower ;) What you get: A pair of Mackie SRM450 V3s [yum], each with a pro stand. So these are 1000W each, with their powerful amp and all the tech built right in- so no separates to frustrate your evening. A Mackie FX12Pro mixing desk- sporting 12 channels of input [4 mono, 4 stereo] and topped off with an on-board FX generator with a ton of settings and features. It has a stereo and mono output interface and a host of input options. You'll need some XLR cables, power cables and other useful adapters- so I'll throw all those in, based on your particular needs And finally, there's a genuine Shure SM58 corded mic and a mic stand for pitch perfect vocals Being a Mackie system, you can be sure it will sound silky smooth but it also packs a mighty punch- your event will definitely sound a million dollars. It's super easy to set-up and use but if you want some professional help, let me know and I can discuss sending down a fully-fledged soundie! It's all bagged and boxed and you can rely on my technical support throughout your hire. Contents: 2x Mackie SRM450 v3 1000W powered speakers 2x Speaker stands 1x Mackie FX12Pro 12:2:1 mixing desk 1x Shure SM58 vocal mic 1x microphone stand 3x IEC power cords 24m XLR-XLR signal cables as 3x 8m [or more if you need them] All this but it still fits in a car [fits into my Golf, other boots are available] Need a bit more? Why not upgrade to the wireless system so you can worry less about where it can go and focus mor

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Borrower is responsible for safe and proper use and full insurance from door-to-door. All electrical items will be suitably tested and maintained by the supplier. My prices here are a guide and discounts and haggling is very much allowed! I have much more than is listed here and all packages can be tailored to your needs both in terms of time of hire and contents included.